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Alien vs. Robot

My robot said to use my brain. “A headless heart is half insane.” My alien said to use my heart. “A heartless head cannot be smart.” My robot spit; my alien cried. I just wanted to run and hide. I … Continue reading

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Limmering Limerick

There’s a limmering up in my hair. Do not ask what he’s doing up there. I shoo him away, but he’s back in a day, and my friends can do nothing but stare.

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Scaring Aliens

Three aliens came into my room to see a human child. I showed my claws and bared my teeth, but they just laughed and smiled. They laughed and smiled and laughed some more. They simply couldn’t stop. They said I … Continue reading

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Robert Louis Goes To Sleep

At night I lie in bed awake and look up at the stars. I wonder if there really are those Martians up on Mars. And do they have antennas too? And can they walk on walls? And do they fly … Continue reading

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New Kid

Don’t talk about the new kid. Don’t laugh about his hair. Don’t point your fingers at his shoes, or drop your jaw and stare. Don’t giggle when you see his tail. It isn’t nice to do. It’s funny when the … Continue reading

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