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Sketchy Ideas and a Melodramatic Metaphor (4 LUV)

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so hearts it is. I have found that adding a little heart to any sketch is enough to make me love it, just as adding a little love to any heart is enough to make … Continue reading

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Winter Heads II: On Simplicity

This morning I worked again on more winter heads. These little watercolor drawings of the a.m. crowd at Starbucks teach me two things. I’m working with a number 4H pencil, so as not to dirty the watercolor paper before I … Continue reading

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Impressions: Winter Heads

Early in the morning I sketch the customers buying coffee at my local Starbucks. I have a few seconds to capture in pencil the person’s essence. I make a few notes about color, especially when the customer’s personality seems bound … Continue reading

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The Indian Mother on American Airlines Flight 87

On the way home from London, on American Airlines Flight 87, my wife and I sat next to an Indian woman, her husband, and their little girl. The father was warm and friendly, though somewhat harried and disheveled, and the … Continue reading

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