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About Chris Buczinsky

I am an artist living in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Little Elena

After a day in the city Christmas shopping, my wife and I took the train home, and I positioned myself on an inward facing seat so as to better sketch the people in the train car. When this little girl … Continue reading

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Ray, Student of Chinese Medicine

Ray was a student of Chinese medicine, a bright and lively face with lots going on. He never takes off his hat, so he’s always ready for the outdoors. His eyes sparkled behind his glasses, and the mischievous mustache curling … Continue reading

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Dallas was a big strapping young man who wanted to be a writer. A gentle giant, he liked the Beats. He certainly reminded me of those big hearted American writers of the Sixties, like Allen Ginsburg and Ken Kesey. His … Continue reading

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A Motive for Measuring

When trying to learn art, it’s easy to forget to have fun. There is so much heavy lifting to do just to gain basic knowledge and technique. And nothing makes an artist more grim than the dreary prospect of plodding … Continue reading

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David, the Danseur

David was a danseur, appearing at the Chicago Opera’s performance of Cinderella while he was modeling in my portraiture class with Don Yang. He had a fine head, with sharp cuts in the planes that made him fun to draw. … Continue reading

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Lamont Williams

Lamont Williams is a Chicago homeless man. I met him on the corner of Michigan and Monroe, across from the Gage Restaurant. He was sitting in the shade of the El entrance shaking a cup for coins. I offered him … Continue reading

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Gloriously Unfinished

Isn’t everything gloriously unfinished?

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Maggie Daley Park, Chicago

The designers of the new Maggie Daley Park in Chicago (Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates) had the magical idea of taking a bunch of dead trees, turning them upside down, and creating an inverted forest where the big branches become an … Continue reading

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Handsome Andrew Ramos

Earlier this evening I went down to sketch at Frontier Days, our town festival. I fixed upon an old man walking near the Bottle Throw, and when he happened to sit down beside me, I asked if I could draw … Continue reading

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Gabe’s Fight: Table #14

Last month I went to a cage fight at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Gabe Mota, an old student of mine, was fighting. I went only to give him some support, but I came away with a whole … Continue reading

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