Lamont Williams


Lamont Williams is a Chicago homeless man. I met him on the corner of Michigan and Monroe, across from the Gage Restaurant. He was sitting in the shade of the El entrance shaking a cup for coins. I offered him five dollars to sketch his portrait. He was all for it. I had tried two homeless people before Lamont. One told me to get myself another willing subject; another told me, in all the miasma of mental illness, that she didn’t like me. But Lamont did. We hit it off, chatting the whole time I sketched. I stood beside and above him, looking down, as a passerby might, so as not to interfere with his panhandling. He told me he had been laid off from his janitor work in a Chicago hospital. He was pleased with the sketch, so I asked him to sign it, and I told him I’d take a picture of it, post it to my website, and show it to him the next time I was downtown. Lamont Williams.

About Chris Buczinsky

I am an artist living in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
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