Little Elena


After a day in the city Christmas shopping, my wife and I took the train home, and I positioned myself on an inward facing seat so as to better sketch the people in the train car. When this little girl sat down right across from me, I thought “What luck!” With her formal grey coat, her plaid dress, and her big head of hair topped by her pink headphones, she was already a picture. All I had to do was draw what was in front of me. When her father tried to move to the back of the train, I protested. He laughed, but made her join the rest of their group; nevertheless, five minutes later she marched back. Her father told her I had wanted to draw her, and she insisted on returning. She didn’t move a muscle. I showed her the sketch when I finished. She nodded her approval, and THEN returned to her parents. Elena was her name.

About Chris Buczinsky

I am an artist living in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
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