Ray, Student of Chinese Medicine


Ray was a student of Chinese medicine, a bright and lively face with lots going on. He never takes off his hat, so he’s always ready for the outdoors. His eyes sparkled behind his glasses, and the mischievous mustache curling up at the corners of his mouth added a devilish delight. A gentle soul, he seemed to me, sturdy and direct and guileless, with a certain childlike innocence. The more I draw portraits the more I see pieces of myself in every face I meet, a possibility from a parallel universe, a turn I just didn’t happen to make. But Ray did, and I’m glad to know his path is being walked, and that somehow if Ray is walking it, so am I. Portraiture: growing oneself by learning to see others, gropingĀ  for the line that separates and connects us.

About Chris Buczinsky

I am an artist living in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
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